Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Jenny & Ezra!

I had time to snap a few quick pictures of Jenny & Ezra right before Beth & Pat's wedding - isn't he precious? Those cheeks! You may remember Jenny's mini-maternity photo shoot from THIS POST, which, ironically took place during Beth & Pat's engagement party! We've come full circle! 

LOVE this one! 

Beth & Pat Wedding on Pastor Robin's Blog!

Hey! Check out my photos of Beth & Pat's wedding celebration on Pastor Robin Renteria's blog by clicking HERE

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Beth & Pat Wedding Ceremony

The wedding party gets organized by Pastor Robin. 

Getting ready to walk down the aisle! 

Pat & her Dad walking down the aisle. 

Beth & her Dad walking down the aisle. 

Lori, Jenny & Ezra doing a reading. 

Jen, Erin & Teo doing a reading. 

Jacob lost his airplane during the ceremony.

Sealing the marriage with a kiss! 


Friday, September 21, 2012

Beth & Pat Wedding - Pre Ceremony

Guest book/well-wishes book. 

Beth is almost ready! 

Sexy wedding shoes!!

Getting lip gloss on...

...and...getting an organic boost!

Pat pretending that the organic boost had an alternate effect

Guests are signing in...

It's time, it's time!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Afternoon with the Grandparents!

Despite evidence to the contrary (see last 2 posts!), I do take photos of other children. But Sebastian is just irresistible and I was lucky enough to get to spend some more time with him, this time at his grandparent's house. It hasn't been that long since our last photo shoot, but it feels like Sebastian has gotten about 10 times faster since then! And maybe cuter too!!

Sebastian and Granddaddy. 

Blowing bubbles!

Hide & Seek with Grandmama. 

Such handsome fellows!

Lookin' for mischief!

Sebastian with Mom & Granddaddy. 

Sebastian loves to help fill the bird bath...with rocks.