Saturday, April 23, 2011

Catherine's Exit Show at UGA

Catherine is my sister-in-law and she's the best. I really could not have asked for a cooler sister-in-law. She is about to graduate from UGA with a bachelor of fine arts and last night was her printmaking exit show. It was alot of fun and I can honestly say that her installation was the coolest of everyone's. She hand-dyed fabric with tea and then hung it - 4 separate pieces - and printed the last two. It may be difficult to discern the details from these photos but the prints are different human body parts that are reconnected in unusual ways (i.e. leg to ear, etc.) to form a type of web. It's a cool concept and it turned out great. We are very proud of her and hope to one day be as cool as she is!


  1. I particularly love the photo of Rob taking in the art. Everything about his pose looks like; "Okay, tell me again what I'm looking at!"

  2. Trust me, Kara. You two are way cooler than I am.

  3. i really liked these photos - feel like I'm right there.